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Our life-size zombie targets are filled with biodegradable matter for the ultimate zombie shootout experience.

The ultimate zombie shootout with atmospheric effects, bleeding targets, special awards, and team photos. Our zombie targets are filled with biodegradable matter and “bleed,” when you shoot them. Pitch your skills against another zombie hunter and win our coveted Head Hunter Award. Includes safety equipment and weapons training. Infectious fun for families, friends, and corporate entertainment.


2 hours - Up to 9 people

Double Tap

Pitch your skills against other zombie hunters to win our coveted Zombie Head Hunter Award, in this extended Zombie Hunting experience

  • Groups of nine or less
  • Exclusive use of the range
  • Personalised targets
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Perfect for parties and corporate events
Book now £249

1 hour - Up to 6 people

Hour of the dead

Have a blast with our exciting zombie shooting challenges, incorporating, reactive zombie targets, and exploding zombie heads.

  • Groups of six or less
  • Exclusive use of the range
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Perfect for families and friends
Book now £149

Bespoke adventures

Design your own zombie hunting experience, deep in our Denbigh catacombs. Create your very own story and zombie adversaries for a unique event.

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Prices include exclusive use of the shooting range, safety equipment, tuition, and unlimited ammunition. Children must be 11 or over. People under 18 must be supervised by someone over 21 at all times. We have other venues coming soon all over the UK in an area near you.