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Would you like to join the Zombie Hunt team of franchisees, build a business based on our winning formula, and succeed while preparing Britain for a zombie apocalypse? A Zombie Hunt franchise is fun and has amazing earnings and growth potential. We’ve developed a winning formula for a successful business. We have a training program which will teach you the most important methods for running your own Zombie Hunt operation. We also have people who are dedicated to providing ongoing support for our franchisees.

We’ll offer you advice on marketing your business along with proven strategies and tools for attracting and retaining customers.

As a Zombie Hunt franchisee, you can also take advantage of our bulk buying power to equip your business at significantly lower cost.

What you get

Earnings potential

Earnings potential Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Annual sales revenue £285k £385k £605k
Cost of sales £60k £80k £130k
Gross profit £220k £300k £475k
% profit 78% 78% 78%

Based on a six lane set up at an all-inclusive fee of £40 per person. Excluding Range Master salary and venue hire. Additional revenue may be earned from clubs and merchandise sales.

10 reasons why you’ll succeed

  1. Funding assistance
  2. Group purchasing power
  3. Help with marketing
  4. Knowledgeable community
  5. Multiple revenue streams
  6. Ongoing support
  7. Risk avoidance
  8. Strong brand
  9. Track record of success
  10. Training programme

Business doesn’t have to be boring. As a Zombie Hunt franchisee, you’ll run a highly infectious and fun-fuelled business which gives families and groups of friends the ultimate zombie shooting experience. Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.

About us

Marc Roberts is a seasoned business optimisation specialist with over 25 years experience in senior and executive positions at blue-chip companies. He’s worked across sectors including automotive, construction, healthcare, steelmaking, and technology. Marc’s helped many organisations harness the full potential of their teams to achieve exceptional levels of performance.

As a Zombie Hunt franchisee, you’ll give families and friends the ultimate zombie shooting experience.

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