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Don’t let your business become overwhelmed by your company’s working dead.

Post pandemic, many organisations are experiencing zombification in their workforce, and others at risk of infection. A zombie-infested company lacks creativity, innovation, and motivation, and productivity levels are often stagnant or in decline. According to Gallup, as many as 80% of people are sleep-walking through their working day. Zombie Hunt is the antidote to cure your company’s working dead. The experience will turn your employees into everyday heroes and bring your business back to life.

Are your employees working dead?

Employees who are working dead often seem disconnected from the culture and goals of your business. They might seem distant, have few ambitions and low motivation, and frequently complain about their work. Do you recognise any of these working dead symptoms in your business?

Don’t let your business be overwhelmed by a zombie apocalypse. Zombie Hunt is the antidote to cure your company’s working dead.

Zombie Hunt Academy

The Zombie Hunt Academy is an engagement programme which uses practical techniques and tools to energise the people in your business. We can customise the experience and run zombie-themed ‘shoot the boss’ sessions. We can even bring the range to a venue near you. You will receive a free copy of Marc Roberts’ ‘Zombie Antidote Leadership Guide’ and ‘Journal for Unleashing Potential.’

Attendees 4–12
Days Half-day–2 days
Price POA

About us

Marc Roberts is a seasoned business optimisation specialist with over 25 years experience in senior and executive positions at blue-chip companies. He’s worked across sectors including automotive, construction, healthcare, steelmaking, and technology. Marc’s helped many organisations harness the full potential of their teams to achieve exceptional levels of performance.